In Donald Trump, Israelis hear echoes of an ancient emperor

And while Israelis debate whether it’s in Israel’s long-term interests to side with Trump’s pro-Israel evangelical supporters, some Israelis, along with their evangelical allies in America, discern a deeper mystical meaning in current affairs. A small but growing movement on the fringes of Orthodox Judaism in Israel hopes to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem and reinstitute the sacrificial rites practiced in the Second Temple, a messianic aspiration that has been central to Jewish liturgy ever since the Second Temple’s destruction.

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KFB Estates LTD is a real estates and construction limited with 5 years of experience in this sector.the company was formed with the main objectives of helping its clients in looking for apartment to live in. The company has grown from there to building house for clients on their request. Again the company has also engaged in acquiring lands that are litigation free and developing it.We have about 10 employee both directly and indirectly helping the day to day activities of the business. The company also help clients that wants to sell off their properties and also those who wants to buy a property.During this period, proper examination is done to confirm the true ownership of the property before work is done. the company has an ultra modern office where all office activities are done.

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The William Davidson Institute

Established at the University of Michigan in 1992, the William Davidson Institute (WDI) is an independent, non-profit research and educational organization focused on providing private-sector solutions in low- and middle-income countries. Through a unique structure that integrates research, field-based collaborations, education/training, publishing, and University of Michigan student opportunities, WDI creates long-term value for academic institutions, partner organizations, and donor agencies active in these markets. WDI works across the following initiatives – Education, Energy, Financial Sector Development, Healthcare, Performance Management and Scaling Impact. WDI also provides a forum for academics, policymakers, business leaders, and development experts to enhance their understanding of these economies. We are not theory-based. Our mission is to create true, sustainable solutions. Our work spans understanding, testing, and implementing actionable, private-sector business models which address the challenges and opportunities in low-and middle-income countries.

The Financial Sector Development (FSD) Initiative identifies and implements ways for financial institutions to profitably lower the cost of capital available to SMEs in emerging economies. FSD’s current research focuses on using remittances to lower the cost of capital for SMEs by mitigating the costs associated with the moral hazard problem.

Remittances – the transfer of money by a foreign worker (remitter) to people, primarily friends or family, in his or her home country — amounted to $429 billion in 2016 according to the World Bank.[4] The use of remittance money by the recipient can be for personal consumption and/or for investments in their businesses. In this case the lender (the remitter) has knowledge about the character of the person to whom the remittance money is sent to and has the social mechanisms to influence the recipient’s behavior which is outside the reach of formal lending institutions. Thus, remittances represent not only a transfer of capital but also a transfer of information about the behavior of the recipient. By addressing the moral hazard problem, remittances can lower the cost of capital to SMEs and create a new, financially viable market for lenders.

FSD engages in independent research to understand the investment interests and aspirations of diaspora for their home countries. We also work with faculty and students at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business on projects designed to develop innovative mechanisms that can lower the cost of capital. We seek to partner with institutions that are working to create innovative financial mechanisms using remittances and other private capital flows to benefit the SME sector in emerging economies.

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Olatunde Olawale Barber

My name is Olatunde Barber, I am an artist and Curator from Nigeria. I graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria in 1999 with a B.A fine arts.

I took up employment with the National Gallery of Art, Nigeria between 2002 and 2008.

I graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria with a M.A Visual Art in the year 2009.

I worked as an artist and independent curator between 2009 and 2011.

In 2011 I took up an appointment as a sculpture lecturer at the Fine and Applied Arts department of the Lagos state Polytechnic.

In 2012 I took up an appointment as a curator at the University of Lagos Museum and in 2016 I commenced on PhD at the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK which I am working on till date.

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Dr Atu Edobor Augustine

I am a Nigerian from Edo state resident in Spain since 1974 Studied here abroad and aquired various degrees as a Dental Technnologist Spercialist i owned a Dental Laboratory that runs for over 20 yeaars before i shifted to study Tradicional Chinese Medicine in Beijing China optaining my 1st degree, Master and Phd.. i then established my private Clinic here in Spain. Atu Acupunture Expert Centre and Tradicional Chinese Medicne since the year 2000 up to date. with great expertation in healthcaare. i am intrested to have a partner to focus on Afican Traticional Medicinal Herbs.for healthcare. aand to promote the African Tradicional Medicine. Similar to the Chinese Medicine.we are on Facebook. fore more information.

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Irakoze Dieudone

I am an undergraduate student at Northern Kentucky University. I am majoring in International Relations with a minor in Pre-law. I am a Co-founder of a non-profit organization name Tuvugane.

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David Wilcox

ReachScale is a global network that identifies and scales the most innovative social enterprises. The advent of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—and the striking lack of scaled SDG examples—presents opportunities for replacing unsustainable models with sustainable models that can scale.

ReachScale and our network partners have identified several of the top social enterprise scale opportunities globally. In Delhi, Bangalore, Johannesburg and East Africa, ReachScale is assembling groups of scalable social enterprises and NGOs to scale together.

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JCAD International

Dr Hatcheu is founder and coordinator of JCAD International (Young Researcher associates for development) a civil society association he created in 1997.Before moved In Us Dr Hatcheu was assistant professor and Director of the Laboratory of comparative research for Development (LARCOD) in at the University of Dschang (Cameroon). His Researches mainly focusses on comparative analysis between Western realities including the United States and that of sub-Saharan Africas. Topics he explored are among other democracy, the efficiency and effectiveness of African nonprofits in the Washington Metropolitan area, the role of nonprofit and civil society in political change in Africa
Dr Hatcheu is author of many books, reviewed articles and conference paper including Ups and downs of the third sector of and from Africa (2016). Advocay for the scientific competitiveness of scientific research in Africa (2016), Capacity building in Africa: beyond remittance (2016) Understand governance (2013) and urban sprawl in Africa (2013), Food trade and traders in Douala (Cameroon) (2006) He has also produced number scientific documentaries as The Belly of Douala. Dr Hatcheu is currently drafting two book to : Governance Issues and Challenges in Africa and the United States and. Challenges of civil society organization on political change in Africa
Dr Hatcheu is received his Ph.D. in social Sciences of University of Paris Pantheon Sorbonne in France. a Master in Public administration from Strayer University Washington DC. Follow he on Twitter at: @HatcheuE .
JCAD international is a Washington DC based nonprofit

JCAD-International believes that if extremism and intolerance are the greatest threat to freedom, political dialogue address conflicts, promotes reconciliation, strengthens national and social cohesion and consensus and defines a shared vision of the future. Political dialogue plays an essential role in the efforts of national actors and the international community to respond to violent conflict and forge a national vision in fragile contexts

JCAD-international is convinced that the development of any country is linked to the constitution of stable and competitive research team where senior scientist passes the torch of excellence in the framework of a program within which future leader conduct original project in relation to the overall program. Teamwork is the crucible of transformation and transcendence, the context in which the young build his personality, his ability to bring a vision of change.

JCAD international works to promote the well-being of all, for sustainable development, increase training, development and retention of health workers in developing countries by providing access to essential health services quality and safe medicines and vaccines, effective, quality and affordable care.

JCAD international is works to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of small farmers, especially women, ensuring the sustainability of food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that contribute to the preservation of ecosystems, strengthen the capacity to adapt to climate change, preserving the genetic diversity of seeds, increase access to benefit of genetic resources and traditional knowledge.

JCAD international works to strengthen sustainable urbanization for all and participatory planning and management capacity and the inclusion of all, the rational use of resources, adaptation to climate change mitigation and resilience to disasters

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The Network University (TNU) has offered
– an online programme on “Migration and Development” to diaspora officials of 30 African countries in close cooperation with the African Diaspora Policy Centre (The Hague);
– it is engaged in diaspora entrepreneurship and cooperated with 13 diaspora coaches in an online entrepreneurship programme for Sierra Leone and with 23 diaspora coaches in an online programme on social entrepreneurship in Belarus
– it plans – together with the African Diaspora Policy Centre – to offer a programme on “Diaspora Investment in agribusiness” in January/February 2017 and a programme on “From Brain drain to brain gain” in February/March 2017.

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Lemi Oliver Nyoma

I have always being interesting in the global issues, specially in the area of economics imbalance between nations. The driving engine behind my motive is to create an economics incentives for the unfortunate which in return will create a market opportunity for those who are well-off economically and the repel effective will be translate back into those who are willing to strengthen their opportunity in the market share.
Indeed, Africa in general luck the comparative advantage an economics share as far as the global market is concerns, and not to mention the ongoing civil wars that seems to be not having an end, rape, displacement, political imbalance, wealth miss management, embezzlement, bribery, ……etc.
It is my obligation as an African immigrant in the Diaspora to engage with other Africans in order to uplift our mother continent.

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African Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina

I would like to increase the visibility of our organization and seize the opportunity to partner with potential agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals who could help us achieve our vision, mission and objectives:
Our Vision is to harness the knowledge, skills, experiences and expertise of Africans in the Diaspora and non-African well-wishers who are interested in the development and enhancement of the current and subsequent generation of the African Diaspora people.
Our mission is to create an environment conducive to member’s participation in the formulation, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of policies and strategies aimed at achieving the following objectives of people of African Descent in North Carolina and Abroad:

1. Advocacy for propositions fostering cultural and racial harmony between people of various backgrounds i.e. Africans, African Americans and all other communities in the USA and the African Diaspora (Globally).
2. Create awareness on the economic, educational, socio-cultural and political factors amongst the diaspora and as they prevail in Africa.
3. Advocacy and support of African interests, implementation of result-oriented interventions that enhance optimal contribution by African immigrants.
4. Educate, inspire and empower individuals and organizations of any cultural background about African cultures, traditions and values.
5. Establish philanthropy with the purpose of enhancing and fostering wellbeing and enhancement of entrepreneurship for Africans in the Diaspora.
6. Enhance Better relationship between African countries and USA and capacity building in leveraging human and social capital.

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Job Mwancha

My name is Job Mwancha, Kenyan by birth and founder of Kizazi Training Centre a private non-political, non-profitable organization created in 2008 to respond current need for Kenyan people in order to sustained and strengthen and promote human right culture, peace building, and good governance initiatives.

KIZAZI TRAINING CENTRE came to light by indigenous professionals live in the country and Diaspora to engage protection on human rights, humanitarian issues, developments and Capacity Buildings with action research which based on participatory approach by all the levels of the community on their priorities for the future through PACT.

We are envisioned to provide an educated, empowered society that creates opportunities and opens the available opportunities to the society. We are equally emissioned in Working togetherness for socio- economic development to the target societies through the strengthening their capacity and the implementation of the programs and humanitarian and protection interventions with participatory approach to all levels of community to defeat poverty, ignorance and reach prosperous with stability and protective environment.

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mora srl

Entrepreneurial spirit of lively and I take care of management consulting and training and university education.
After my PhD in Business Management I occupied di executive positions in various companies prior to the di consultant activity.
I am interested in many problems of lasting and sustainable dévoloppement of university management model and in particular in Africa and Learning for the return of Africans in the countries of origin. Very available to dialogue and committed to achieve the objectives.
Aged 53, married with 4 children.

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Lonnie Price

Hotel Paradise Africa LLC & Hotel Paradise Africa Investments Corp are Nevada registered corporations

made up of a team of people who want to better the world.

Hotel Paradise Africa, LLC. is a Nevada registered limited liability corporation formed on October 18th,

2012 by founder and CEO Lonnie Price. The company is formed to provide management for the

development and operations of hotels, marinas, and other tourist related facilities like water parks,

restaurants, gift shops, tours, yachting, diving, etc.

Hotel Paradise Africa Investment Corp, is a Nevada registered C corporation formed May 22nd, 2015 in

order to expand our opportunity to fund our various projects.

We are a team of like minded people who believe that through our efforts we will leave the world a better

place than when we inherited it, and through the vehicle of Hotel Paradise Africa we will touch lives

globally in very positive ways.

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Pan African Development Organization

This is an NGO committed to bringing the various communities of African ancestry into partnerships which allow for mutual development an economic progress.

There are no small number of us who have great ideas that could be beneficiary of this support. We need to find ways to cooperate, collaborate and share resources in order to create transforming businesses.

The Sun is Rising in the East and for a growing number of capital investors around the world the most exciting light rising in the world today is Africa.

The future belongs to those who best invest their resources in their own visions of sustainable development. For many Africans raised throughout the Diaspora of the West, The Sun is Rising in the East.

See more of what we do at

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Joe Kimachia Kimachia

I am the founder of a real estate company focused on encouraging Kenyan in the diaspora to invest in Kenya.
We not only encourage them acquire land but also support them build own houses using affordable technology. Details of our work www.afriquehomes.

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Luis Cruz Diaz

Guarionex Strategic Management & Consulting, LLC; President, CEO, CPO & CLO | Globcal International Co-Founder, Secretary to the Executive Council, Goodwill Ambassador & Kentucky Colonel | Foreign Affairs Council, Inc. (FACouncil) and Advisory Committees Member | Sit At The Table™ (SATT) Co-Founder & Executive Board Advisor | Five Point Youth Foundation International Advisory Board & Leadership Team Member | World Templar Founding Member & Diplomat | The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Magazine – Business Intelligence Board (BIB) Member | Workforce – Business Intelligence Board (WBIB) Member | VFW Life Member | American Legion Member

▲ Entrepreneur, Business, Operations, Supply Chain, Project Management and Security Consultant; International Foreign Affairs, Non-Profit and Cooperative Board Advisor; Social Entrepreneur, Strategic Social Media & Networking Advisor ▲

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Ettosi Brooks

I am an artist/educator with over twenty years experience teaching children using interdisciplinary methods. I am currently a doctoral candidate at Nova Southeastern University and an adjunct professor at a local college. My company, Education Resources Inc., is a start-up business and I am currently in the production and marketing stage of my first product, a children’s book.
Over the years, I have consistently worked as a performing and recording artist and have had my children’s stories and other scripts staged. I am currently a board member of a non-profit organization, The Rising Son Human Growth and Development Inc., and have worked in this capacity with a number of other non-profits over the years,

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Prénoms : Youssouf
Date et lieu de naissance : 08/ 04 / 1988 à Djougou
Situation matrimoniale : Célibataire sans enfant
Nationalité : Béninoise
Profession : Ingénieur agronome Zootechnicien
Adresse : 03 BP : 3397 Cotonou
Tél : (00229) 97 05 82 68 / (00229) 94 54 39 49
E-mail : /

Etudes et diplômes
2011-2013 : Master Professionnel Agronomie à la Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques (FSA) de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (UAC)
2010-2011 : Licence Professionnelle Agronomie à la Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (FSA/UAC).
2009-2010 : Troisième année d’Agronomie Générale à la Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (FSA/UAC).
2008-2009 : Deuxième année d’Agronomie Générale à la Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (FSA/UAC).
2007-2008 : Première année d’Agronomie Générale à la Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (FSA/UAC).
2006-2007 : Baccalauréat de l’Enseignement du Second Degré, série D.à Abomey-Calavi
2003-2004 : Brevet d’Etudes du Premier Cycle (B.E.P.C.) à Abomey-Calavi
1999-2000 : Certificat d’Etudes Primaires (C.E.P) à Cotonou

Depuis Février 20013 : Membre du Laboratoire d’Ethnopharmacologie et de Santé Animale (LESA), Assistant de recherche et Professeur Assistant à la FSA et dans les universités privées
2010-2011 : Stage professionnel réalisé sur la Ferme d’Elevage de BETECOUCOU (FEB) dans la commune de Dassa-Zoumé, département des Collines pour l’obtention du diplôme de Licence Professionnelle
Août-Septembre 2009 : Stage de renforcement des acquis à la ferme Saint vIncent de Paul à Hlagbadénou dans les Collines
2008-2009 : stage de Monographie du Milieu Réel (MMR) dans le village Daagbé-Nago, commune d’Ifangni, département du Plateau.
2007-2008 : stage de Découverte du Milieu Rural (DMR) dans le village d’Azozoundji, commune d’Agbangnizoun, département du Zou.

Parle et écris très bien le français
Parle et écris couramment l’anglais
Capacité de travailler en groupe et / ou sous pression
Aptitude à vite apprendre
Maîtrise de logiciels Word, Excel, Power point et l’outil internet.
Esprit de créativité et d’innovation, apport de nouvelles idées, coordination des activités et des évènements, suivi, contrôle et mise en exécution des directives.

Langues parlées
Français ; Anglais ; Fon, Dendi

Honnêteté, Ponctualité, amour du travail bien fait ; grand sens de responsabilité.

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Vincent Norment

Vincent E. Norment

Work experience
August 2013-Present -National Railway Equipment Co. Dixmoor, IL
Field Service Technician
As a field Service Technician I preform 92 day and 360 day inspection, Repair, diagnose, maintained, and qualify locomotive and components. Installations of NFORCE, Idle Limiting Systems, Major Component Change Outs, Locomotive Upgrades, and Maintenance Consultation. I also maintain our companies N-ViroMotive Gen Sets.
March 2013-September 2013 -Power Rail Training & Consulting (EMDiesel) Vancouver, BC
EMD Trainer
Trainer for EMD Diesel Engine theory and and practical “Hands-on” shop maintenance practices such as, power assemblies change out, turbo removal and replacement, bearing inspections, Re-qualifying of components.
May 2011-May-2013- Edison Chouest Offshore Galliano, Louisiana QMED
Performed tasks such as standing engine room watch, diagnose, repair, maintain, and inspect the ships engineering equipment such as diesel engine, potable water maker, oil water separator, HVAC, gen sets, etc… Worked on the U.S. Antarctic Program vessel M/V Nathaniel B. Palmer in Chile, and the M/V USNS Vadm K. R. Wheeler which was a pumping station for Military Sealift Command.We sailed in the West Pacific to place such as Guam, Korea, Saipain,Philippines and Japan .
September 2010-May 2011- TransAlantic Lines LLC. Greenwich,Connecticut
Performed tasks such as standing engine room watch, diagnose, repair, maintain, and inspect the ships engineering equipment such as diesel engine, potable water maker, oil water separator, HVAC, gen sets, etc…The ship is the M/V Geyser, we sail to the Azores The Tugboat Spence and her barge Guantanamo Bay Express, we sailed to Gitmo, Cuba.
November 2009- May 2010- Fairfield Nodal Sugarland, Texas
Back Deck Mechanic
Responsible for maintenance on the “Back Deck of the Carolyn Chouest ROV Seismic Ship. Performed tasks to diagnose, repair, maintain, and inspect the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical equipment associated with the deployment and retrieval of the Nodes. Worker in the GOM

April 2008 – Present- Granite Services International Tampa, Florida Materials/Inventory Controls and Installation Technicians
Responsible for installation and maintenance on GE Wind Towers. Construction of wind turbines including building of rotors, directing of cranes, cable drops and routing. All aspects of turbine construction from foundation to final mechanical completion including final inspections. Inspection and Inventory of incoming and outgoing parts. Integration of part’s serial numbers to the Database (Dataflow). Provide parts to the proper areas assigned in the Warehouse Verify Serial numbers on parts assembled in the Wind turbines

March 2007 – January 2008- Ghana Manganese Company Limited Takoradi, Ghana West Africa
Railway Engineer (Limited Assignment)
As the primary liaison between GMC and the Ghana Railways, I divided my duties at Ghana Manganese Company between four Ghana Railway shops – running repair, back shop (locomotive), back shop (wagons), and rail car running repair shop (wagon). In addition, I ordered spare parts for the locomotive and rail cars; I also provided technical advice and support to Ghana Railway’s management and repair shop personnel. Assisted and provided technical advice in Traction motor change out, derailment repair, planed and unplanned maintenance, inspection and qualifying of locomotive part and componance Alternater and compressor alinement and change out. Trained and assistesed on all aspects of light and heavy running repair. The Ghana Railway1670 ABB Henschel l,1651/1661 Henschel, GT18LC-2 EMD, and the type AD26C Alsthom Locomotive. The Henschel and the EMD locomotive used EMD’s 645’s and the Alstom uses Caterpiller’s engines. I also participated in Ghana Manganese Company’s and Ghana Railway’s decision-making process with the goal to coordinate efforts to make both companies more efficient and productive.
2004 –2007 National Passenger Rail (Amtrak) New York City, New York
Lineman / Third Rail (Electric traction)
Third Rail/ Lineman

Performed tasks to diagnose, repair, maintain, inspect the third rail, and overhead catenary system. Work on associated equipment such as diesel gen sets. Provided protection for other workers on and around the third rail.
2001-2004- Laborer Local 66 Melville, New York
Laborer (Construction)
Perform tasks involving physical labor for heavy construction projects and demolition sites. Operated hand and power
tools of all types.

1992-2001- CSX Railroad (Consolidated Rail) Selkirk, New York
Diagnosed, repaired, maintained, and inspected diesel electric locomotives, diesel engines, and locomotive components. Worked wheel true, performed daily inspections, wheel and traction motor change outs (Drop Pit) modifications and upgrades, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, air brake test, repairs, and inspections, Performed Daily, 90 day,180 day, and 360 day Inspections.
Trained and taught new machinist. Repaired, installed, and maintained shop equipment, including overhead cranes, lifting devices, pumps motors, and air equipment and systems. Worked all aspects of locomotive running repair.
I was also the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (Local Union) Union Shop Steward and Safety Officer for 8 years. I represented 150 Machinist.

1990-1992- DPS Incorporated Albany, New York
Diagnosed, repaired, maintained, and inspected diesel, automobile and small engines and components. Then
machine to manufacturers or custom specification using Machine tools such as: Mills, boring bars, and grinders.

1993-1998- Hudson Valley Community College Troy, New York
Machining Technology / Business Administration
Deans list for 8 consecutive semesters

1984-1987 United States Navy
Aviation Machinist Mate (jet engine mechanic)
Honorable Discharge

1992-1994 International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers
Apprenticeship Training
Railroad Machinist (EMD, GE, and Diesel Electrical Locomotives)

Summary of Qualifications

IAM “Journeyman” EMD, and GE Diesel Electric
Merchant Marine Credential
QMED-Oiler-Fireman/Water Tender
Federal Locomotive Inspector
EMD- Diesel Running Maintenance School
GE –Diesel Running Maintenance School
EMD AC Locomotive School
Federal Locomotive Inspector
EMD- Diesel Running Maintenance School
GE –Diesel Running Maintenance School
20 + years of mechanical experience
2 years machine shop experience
Federal Air Brake Inspector
Chemical, Biological & Radiological Defense Training
Haz-Mat Training
Rail Safety Training
GE Wind Energy School

References Available Upon Request

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Gando Fred


I’m a holder of Bachelor of Micro finance, with an experience of over 7yrs in Research, community, and administration work.
I can mobilize and facilitate participation of communities, Community Based Organizations, local institutions, identify, nurture and build the capacity of local partners and facilitate their participation in implementation of planned interventions and activities.


To work with a result oriented organization under minimum supervision, inspired by team work, unity of command and guided by the common goal of achieving corporate objectives, stimulated by open interaction, communication, change and external focus coupled by room for personal growth and organisizations’ clients /targets groups.


2011- To date Acting Executive Director Support Transformation Effort Program (STEP-UG).

• Providing strategic direction to the Organization.
• Supervise staff and ensure good working environment.
• Oversee the overall development , monitoring, and evaluation of programs that lead to the achievement of the Organization’s mission,
• Contributing and providing high level technical inputs to the development of the Organization in the areas of operation.

2009-2010- Member of the University Council

• Participated in the planning of activities of the University
• Implemented planned activities under the guidance of Ministry of Education and sports.
• Plan, organize, coordinate and support appropriate trainings for vocational technical students at the right time.
• Assist to collect, establish, maintain and manage the data base of students activities in the University and preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

2007 – 2009 –Project Coordinator Investment in Development of Export Agriculture (IDEA) Programme
• Implementing and monitoring the project activities.
• Coordinating and promoting IDEA events.
• Tracking the projects’ progress, rendering office administrations, keeping records of projects expenditure.


2007-2012 Kyambogo University – Kampala, Uganda


2005-2006 Bukooli college – Bugiri, Uganda

• Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education

2000-2003 King of Kings – Iganga, Uganda

• Uganda Certificate of Education
Passed in 1st grades and joined the national University, Kyambogo.
Pursued many on Job in-house Management courses in the fields of;
• Business management training
• Attraction, selection Interviewing, recruitment, Placement, induction, and review of performances of staff.
• Trainer of Trainers and supervisor course, Team leadership and management course.
• Time management, Planning and strategizing, and management.
• Health Safety Security and Environment management& 1ST Aid Training Etc


I have skills in Microsoft Office Applications, the Internet and E-mail,
I’m Fluent in English, Lusamia and elementary Kiswahili.


• Ability to achieve results and significant progress despite challenging situations.
• Willingness to work in a multi-cultural environment to achieve shared goals
• I possess persuasive abilities
• Keen interest on vocational Training
• I enjoy working outdoors.


Mrs. Osinya Nilley Doreen.
Board Chair person
Support Transformation Effort Program (STEP-UG),
P. O. Box 329 Mbale,
Mob, +256702954222, +2560782954224.

Mr. Machyo Leonard,
Managing Director,
Abanamude Development Network.
P.O.BOX 39, Busia Uganda

I, the undersigned do certify that to the best of my knowledge and understanding that information contained herein correctly describes my qualifications and experience, is accurate and is verifiable.

Mr. Gando Fred

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